BESTIÁŘ tells the story of two figures locked in a struggle to shape and control an emerging world. The performance revolves around 150 kg of sculpturing clay, which the performers transform in stages through their movements, ambitions, conflicts and dreams. Originally inspired by the allegorical transformations of real and imaginary animals in medieval bestiaries, BESTIÁŘ also features live music, movement theater, puppetry, and fragments of text, in a dream-like narrative – punctuated by moments of punk-rock intensity – about the human figure confronted by a centuries-old moral crisis.

BESTIÁŘ premiered at Divadlo na cucky (Olomouc, Czech Republic) on December 14, 2016, and was created with the support of Kredance Prostor, CESTA žíje, the Czech Ministry of Culture, Nadace Život Umělce, Sladovna, DW7 and Divadlo na cucky. The performance features short texts in Spanish, English and Czech, but can be performed in a mostly-English version. More technical details, photos, video, and other documentation is available at the links below.

Zuzana & Peter,

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