The Future is an in-yer-face cabaret produced by Philadelphia-based BRAT Productions. The show features a mysterious machine in a garbage dump that is home to three down-and-out clowns. Looking for a way to pass the time, and motivated by a deep-rooted fear of solitude, they coax an unsuspecting passer-by into the machine with promises of a better life. Stand-and-deliver cabaret songs mingle with the sounds of shifty vagabonds in the background hocking their goods, in a musical described by theater critic Deb Miller as “A Toulouse-Lautrec painting come to life...with time-warped reminiscences of 1931 Berlin and a distinctly Parisian flavor of 19th-century Montmartre.”

The 2014 and 2015 productions of The Future were devised and performed by Justin Rose, Jess Conda, Tabitha Allen and Rob Cutler, based on concept and music by Peter Gaffney, with live music performed by P. Gaffney, Andrew Morris, Andrew Nelson and Ben Diamond, as well as Rolf Lakaemper and Adam Vidiksis. Directed by Scott Sheppard, and produced by BRAT Productions.

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