Puppet trial #1 -
head and torso

Puppet trial #2 -
legs / jumping

Puppet trial #3 -
Puppet trial #4 -
walking mechanism

Puppet trial #5 -
walking mechanism
w/ completed torso

Puppet trial #6 -
walking w/ head,
torso, legs

POOK (work in progress)
Eduard Daumal is a reasonable man. His great achievement in life is the perfection of a daily routine that is regular and sound, allowing only a fanatical love of clocks to disrupt his measured approach to life. But Eduard's world is about to be rocked by The Pook, a creature who emerges periodically in the folds of time, in the hiccups of memory and ellipses of our waking life. Featuring original music and puppetry developed as part of a 2015 artist residency at PLATFORM München, with the support of Landeshauptstadt München Kulturreferat and Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft.